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How to sell a Fan Request
How to sell a Fan Request

Pillar helps creators make money directly from fans

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Making money with Pillar

Instead of just adding a few links and connecting your socials, you can actively make money on Pillar!

A simple way to get started and connect with your fans are Fan Requests.

What are Fan Requests?

Fan Request are simple requests fans can pay you for. Our most popular ones include:

  • Sending a short video to answer a question

  • Duetting one of their TikToks

  • Shouting them out on an IG story

How to get started

  • Add the block “Fan Request” in the Pillar builder and fill in all details (Pro Tip: use a template to get started in seconds)

  • Share you Pillar across socials! 🙌

  • Start fulfilling requests and make 💰

It’s as easy as that! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with…

See you on Pillar!

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