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How to make a How-To Guide
How to make a How-To Guide

Pillar's how-to guide on how to make how-to guides that’s also a template/example of making how-to guides 😬

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First things first: headers!

Headers are very important to make sections stand out. Your header should:

  • Be informative β€” to help readers navigate your document

  • Use exciting language β€” to make people want to read your content

  • Fit in with the rest of your headings β€” to give others a seamless experience

Visuals make anything pop

Humans are very visual so adding an emoji and/or image here and there will make your content stand out. A few things to keep in mind:

  • Visuals should be clear and high quality πŸ”

  • Use visuals to help demonstrate your point πŸ‘ˆ

  • Visuals are great to separate sections and excitement πŸ’₯

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How you can get started

  1. Create new sections with the button below and add your content βž•

  2. Export the Notion as a pdf πŸ“„

  3. Add it as a digital product and start making πŸ’°

View more best practices on writing How-To Guides here.

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