Why we built Pillar

We built Pillar to be the preferred life partner for creators of all sizes and backgrounds.

Why we built Pillar
We won't wait for the landscape to catch up. With Pillar, creators can generate new revenue streams.

We built Pillar to be the preferred life partner for creators and their teams.

Pillar is how creators run their business cross-platform, and generate earnings. Both part-time and full-time creators use Pillar from when they’re just starting to when they’ve become superstars.

In the world we’re building at Pillar, creators pursue their passions with new sources of revenue. With a wide array of revenue opportunities accessible to creators of all backgrounds, we're fighting to resolve a core tension in the creator economy: while talent is universal, opportunity is not.

We're building for creators what tools like Shopify did for small businesses, and products like Honey did for online shoppers. We believe that now is the time to reimagine how creators generate revenue and conduct business. Now is the time to build the future of creator income.

The rise of the star content creator is a trend that’s been 15 years in the making. Monetization through brand deals is the most sustainable and lucrative pathway to going ‘full-time’, but no one wants to be a walking billboard.

How do we fix this problem? We believe authenticity breeds success. So we're letting people partner with the companies they already love. We productize organic, authentic recommendations and partnerships to curate an elegant product experience that makes fans want to support creators because they genuinely care about them.

It's simple: creators claim their Pillar website (ex: pillar.io/paul), which gives them something beyond just “all my links” that they can get from link aggregators like LinkTree. Pillar is the command center for a creator's business – from creators who are professional NFL stars, massive video creators on TikTok, Youtube, or Twitch, to creators who just considering going ‘full-time’ on their content.

For those just getting started, Pillar is the easiest way to centralize content and build super fans through our embedded engagement tools. By giving novice creators the ability to immediately monetize and A/B test the best way to grow their community and their career, we set them up for success by speeding up their learning process.

For the long-tail, or “middle class” of Creators, Pillar is where they monetize directly from fans by promoting their favorite products. Pillar gives creators monetized links to thousands of top brands and millions of products. Our creators leverage these brand deals for opportunities to earn money promoting their favorite products to their audience.

For the mega creator, Pillar integrates a "brand deals portal" to funnel, manage, and track all of their brand deals. Managing their deals through Pillar empowers them & their teams with attribution data, letting them quantify their impact through metrics like ‘sales driven,’ for example.

We are a close-knit, technical team focused on building beautiful and intuitive products. This identity is imperative to our culture as we add our next core team members. As a team, we are mission-driven. We want to work on the forefront of building powerful software for creators. We understand the importance of urgency and quality, along with the trade-offs of choosing one over the other. We look to empower our teammates, so that they are poised to adapt to our growing customer base, learn about our evolving industry, and make strong product decisions.